It is not obligatory to pay for starting the game. But members get a number of advantages which make the game more interesting and the process of character development – more simple.

The payment rate is $3 per 30 days. You can pay for the game with the help of payment system Webmoney or by credit card. There isn’t any significant difference in payment mode between these two systems, just choose those that suits you better.

On the site you may pay not only for yourself but also for other players. You may use it if you’d like to make a present to your game-mate. If you have several characters, they all would get additional advantages after the payment, but they should have been created on the same account!

Advantages of members

Here is the list of additional advantages available to members only:

  • Ability to use special items (teleports, fishing harpoons, etc.)
  • Access to professional skills (tailoring, chemistry, biology, high technology)
  • Extended opportunities of item creation, e.g. only members can prepare healing potions, some kinds of metal bars, modifiers
  • Additional, extrahigh tensile kinds of armors: leather, made of zartit, gaftit or rhonite
  • Supplementary kinds of weapons
  • New unexplored territories. Rich hunting grounds, quantity of new dangerous monsters, perfect conditions to develop a character. You also get an admittance to two new towns – Setros (equipment for physicists and tailor, rich deposits in Geologists guild) and Zeron (equipment for making weapons and armors, the only casino on the planet).
  • Enlarged capacity of your slot in bank – 192 items.
  • An access to additional game server.
  • The account is saved in the server for unlimited term.

Payment process

To pay the game use the «Payment». At first, form an order, indicate the payment term and, if it is essential, add some players to the list. Then choose the charge system and press the “Pay” button (and if you want to pay later, this order would be stored on the «Your orders» page).

Where you may view payment status
You may always view the information concerning payment and balance of paid time on the page of your account or in the game on the tab of character parameters by pressing F3.

When the payment term elapses…

After the term of your payment elapses, you won’t be able to enter the charged server and visit zones available to members only and also use supplementary items.

If you are in the members’ territory, you may perform different actions, but experience points wouldn’t be accumulated, and therefore you won’t be able to develop character parameters. And if you wear items available to members only, they wouldn’t get lost, but after taking them off, you won’t put on them again.

Having problems?

If some problem emerged during the payment, contact the support service. At this, don’t forget to inform of the number of order your problem is connected with, you may get it using the «Your orders» page.