Start a game


To start the game you must have a computer with internet access. The table below shows the minimum requirements needed to play the game. If you need to know more then refer to the page «System Requirements».

To start playing the game you don’t need to pay for registration or for the client software. All you need to do is follow the simple registration steps on the website. Setting up, running the client and creating your first character should take no longer than about 20 minutes. Then you can get straight into playing the world of AWplanet!

If you want to create another character but you already have an account on the website, you do not need to register another account on the website, you are able to create another character using the same account.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

To enter the game you must have direct internet connection (without proxy server). Connection method doesn't depend on your browser settings — game client will always connect directly.

If you are connecting through an ordinary internet provider, then you will probably have no problems because you will have a direct connection. However, if you are in a corporate environment e.g. school, work, you will probably have access to the internet through a proxy server.

If you are using a firewall program (or you are in a LAN environment) then you may need to open one of the following ports to access the game: 21 (FTP), 80 (HTTP) or 2158.

2. Create Your Account

Before you start playing the game, you must register an account on the website Your account is your identification in the game. Using your account will enable you to be able to play the game, communicate on the website, update your personal information and settings and make payments.

To register an account, click the «New Account» link. Follow the instructions and all the steps of registration.

For security reasons, don’t give anybody your name and the password of your account. Try to choose «difficult» passwords. If you are unable to remember your password and want to write it down, you should put it somewhere that a hacker can't access (e.g. In your mobile phone).


3. Confirm Your Registration

Once you have completed filling in all the necessary data required, you will receive an e-mail with an activation link, once you click the link it will activate your account. Now you can launch the client and create your character.

4. Install and Launch the Game Client

Download game installer. Save it into a new directory (e.g. «c:\awplanet\»). All files that you download from our website are free from viruses and trojan programs.

Download updates


Next launch the installation program. It will automatically download all the necessary files. The total required space is about 2Mb. The game client will automatically create a shortcut to the game client on your desktop and it will automatically launch the game client, from there you will be able to create your character.

5. Create Your First Character

To enter the game, enter name and password of your account, and then push the «New Character» button. This will take you to the character creation screen where you can customize your character with a name, gender, height, hairstyle, skin colour and colours of your clothes. Later in the development of your character you will be able to acquire clothes, armor and weapons to further change your character's appearance.

You cannot change the name of your character. You can only set the name of your character at the character creation screen. So be very responsible when choosing your name. The name that you choose will be the name that all other players see.


Depending on your choice of character you will get starting bonuses that increase some attributes (e.g. the tallest character will gain an additional strength and dexterity levels).

By clicking a radio button «I Accept Terms and Conditions» confirm your agreement with rules for the game community. Now press the «Create Character» button and you may start playing the game!

6. Enter the Game

After creating your character you are automatically logged into the game. To log back into the game after you have closed the client, launch the program awclient.exe, enter your account name and password and choose your character. After that the game will load your character and put you back to the same place you were at when you last exited the AWplanet.


Enter the Game

Additional Info

For extra security we recommend that you use the ingame IP protection. It means that access to your account will only be accessible from the IP address that you choose. To use this feature, turn on IP protection from the game client.

Take into account that we automatically remove the players who don’t login to the game for a long time. The minimal period for the registration record storage is two weeks, but the more you play the game, the longer this period becomes. So if you are unable to play for any reasons, you are advised to login from occasionally so that your record is not erased. If you want your registration account not to be removed and be stored for a long time, become a paid member.

If you want to transfer the game onto another computer, you only need to copy two files, the awclient.exe file and setup.dat file. After you have copied these files to another computer, run awclient.exe. It will automatically update your client with the latest files and your game preferences will not be lost because they are stored in the setup.dat file. Note — none of your account details are stored on your computer, they are stored on the server, so your account won't be lost if you delete these files.